Take Charge America Review


PROS / With over two decades of experience, Take Charge America will be helpful in assisting you with your credit counseling needs.

CONS / They are seriously lacking in educational materials and tools and any standout features.

VERDICT / This company does its job well, they just don't do anything extra special that would make them shine above any other company we reviewed.

In business since 1987, Take Charge America has been around the proverbial block starting out during the tail-end of “Reaganomics”, growing during the prosperous 1990’s and hanging on through the challenging single digit 2000’s when the tech bubble burst and the world's economies suffered setbacks of all kinds. The organization has experienced a wide range of consumer economic situations and continues to advise and guide individuals towards a healthier personal finance conditions.

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The organization is a member of the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies (AICCCA) and International Standards Organization (ISO). We wish they had more affiliations and accreditations; however, these are top notch ones to be associated with.

Take Charge America’s mediocre educational options include articles, informational links, teacher resources for grades 1–5 and junior high and high school age kids, videos and webinars. The site offers no classes, newsletter, quizzes or recommended reading. The site has a section called the Budget Doctor that is their way of providing online question and answer interactivity.

The site features some standard financial tools including budget, home, credit card, net worth and various scenario calculators. It was disappointing to find they lack auto calculators, as well as college, tax, retirement and debt-to-income calculators. Not having these makes it difficult for you to guesstimate how much you have to save for some of life's most important events. Alternatively, they have a calculator to estimate how much in student loans you'll require for college.

They offer personal credit counseling, debt management, housing counseling and bankruptcy counseling programs.

Take Charge America’s site supports both English and Spanish languages. Contact with and support from the company are handled via email, local and toll free phone numbers, a FAQs page, fax number, mailing address and an online support form. Most sites offer online chat, and it would be nice if it featured this, but no such luck.


Take Charge America is an average credit counseling service with a typical selection of educational resources and financial tools. Other than having been in business for over 20 years, nothing really sets this service apart from other credit counseling agencies.

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