Money Management International Review


PROS / This company has been in business longer than any other service we reviewed meaning they're time tested and have been trusted to assist people in financial matters for decades.

CONS / They are lacking many calculators that can be found on other sites, as well as the option for online classes. They also do not publicize their fee schedule.

VERDICT / Despite not having a large selection of calculators, Money Management International is a helpful company that will help you get your finances in order.

Featuring a variety of educational and counseling services, Money Management International faired well in credit counseling services due to their commitment to assist you in getting out of overwhelming debt and teaching you how to stay out of that trap.

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In the financial school of life, many of us have barely managed a passing grade and some are in danger of flunking out entirely. Money Management International has created a number of educational materials for consumers of all ages; from teacher resources that provide strategies for teaching personal finance in grades 3–6 to adults either who want to learn in order to avoid trouble, or who are in trouble and want to know how to get out.

Featuring a wide range of informational articles and links, video presentations, self-paced courses and an Advice Team to ask questions of, there are a myriad of ways to learn how to improve your money grade on the organization’s website.

Money Management International’s site contains a number of financial calculators broken down into three categories: budget, auto and home. However, we would've liked to see calculators for estimating college and retirement costs. There is also a quiz to assess whether or not you’re using credit wisely.

The site has several additional tools in the form of financial worksheets to help create a budget, buy gifts for the holidays, plan a vacation and even create a gift certificate for a special someone’s birthday or other gift-giving event. These gift certificates are a way to package the greatest gift, your time and attention.

Having confidence in the quality of the credit counseling advice you’re receiving is crucial in making financial decisions. Money Management International has been in business since 1958, making it the oldest company we reviewed. It is COA accredited and affiliated with AICCCA and NFCC.

Money Management International provides a variety of services through several sites, including: (complete with gadgets for Vista, Google and Facebook), Consumer Personal Credit Counseling, Centers for Financial Education, and by Visa.

Additional services offered through the main site encompass bankruptcy counseling, education and certification, personal credit counseling, debt management services and housing services.

Money Management International’s website is not quite as polished as many of the other sites we reviewed. It is fairly intuitive and well organized although initially we did have a bit of a problem finding all of the tools the site has but overall managed to find our way around just fine.

Contact with Money Management International is handled via toll-free and local phone numbers, email, fax, mailing address and an online form. The service also supports both English and Spanish languages and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They do not publicize their fee schedule which is troubling. An email requesting their fee schedule went unanswered, save for an auto-responder message, for more than 24 hours.


Money Management International has an admirable collection of educational tools and resources to help you patch your leaky financial boat. A bit more spit and polish on their site, publishing their fee schedule and a few minor convenience improvements in their offerings would make them a contender for a higher ranking.

Money Management International Visit Site